Stanford Sierra Camp and Rodney Strong 2007 Cabernet!

So here I am at Stanford Sierra Camp Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe.  Every year around October the company that I work at sends their sales representatives to a retreat for a few days of learning, bonding and well, laughing.  Have you ever seen Fallen Leaf Lake?  Simply awesome, the views are incredible.   Today was our first day here and a few coworkers and I decided to take out a paddle boat.  For those of you that know me, it doesn’t seem like something I’d do.  A little out of character right?  Well, let me explain.  Another coworker decided to take out a single man Kayak.  My buddy and I decided it would be great to try and bump into Mr. Kayak and over turn him.  Sound a little more like me?  We had a great time trying to lure him over making up stories about seeing giant trout in the lake.  Let me tell you, Kayaks are faster than paddle boats.  Oh well, still many laughs were had.  

Later at dinner we all sat down to flank steak, mashed potatoes and grilled veggies.  All was great…but something was missing.  I quickly stood up and asked everyone if they would like some wine.  After noticing all the takers at my table, I quickly went over and found a bottle of Rodney Strong 2007 Cabernet.  This is a Sonoma County wine and I was eager to try it.  As I went around the table filling up everyone’s glasses, I made sure to fill mine as well.  A Deep dark red in color, couldn’t wait to try it.   I have to say, it was great.  A terrific nose, and when tasted I got cherries, spicy oak and rich fruit.  Wow, went so well with that flank steak.  Everyone at my table all agreed this was an outstanding wine.  We all start early tomorrow morning with many conquerent learning sessions and activities.  Somehow though I feel at ease because I am looking forward to dinner with hopefully another tasting of some Rodney Strong Cab!

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