The Kindness of Friends

This past week, Todd had knee surgery.  The surgery was a result of a soccer mishap, much to my husband’s dismay.  All in all, things went pretty well.  We went to see the surgeon Friday morning and it appears that Todd is healing fabulously.  He is required to use a piece of equipment that rotates his leg for 6 hours per day.  This is to ensure that his new ligament doesn’t stiffen up and render him unable to walk and endure more pain than he needs!  Physical therapy will soon begin!

During times like these, it’s amazing to me to see how friends will rally around you and care for you in ways that make this process much more bearable.  Todd and I are so blessed to have great friends that have done everything from driving the kids home from school and to sports practices and delivering emails and phone calls of encouragement, to bringing over meals for our family for dinner.  We have an incredible support group.  You all have made it so much easier for us this past week!

The picture shown in this post is one of many meals brought to us – we really enjoyed Sheila’s chicken, potatoes and asparagus with a fabulous bottle of Riesling (Todd opted out of taking his pain meds for the evening so that he, too, could enjoy a glass of wine with dinner).  Cheers to wonderful, caring friends!  We are so blessed.

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