2005 Stony Ridge Petite Sirah

I have to say, of all the deals that have been found lately in Livermore, this one is quite a treat.  It’s been a while (do I dare say 2 months?), but as Rachel and I were out scouring the Livermore Valley Wine country for the latest prized wine, we decided to stop in Stony Ridge.   Stony Ridge has a fantastic location.  They are positioned either at the beginning of your Tesla Road wine tour, or at the end, depending on which way you have come.  Every time I go to Stony Ridge, I enjoy their wines even more.  With a large menu, it is hard to decide which wines to pick for your tasting experience – many visits are required to try them all.  If you go, you might notice a sign sitting on the tasting bar with their current case specials.  You will often find a couple of cases of white at $60 per case, and a couple of cases of red for $70 per case.  At our visit, one of the case specials jumped at me.  Todd and I are really into Sirahs/Petite Sirahs right now, so when I saw a case of the 2005 Petite Sirah for $70, I knew that I had to try it.  It was impressive – very smooth, fruit forward, no spice.  Delightful.   At $5.83 per bottle, it was a no brainer.

The next time you are out and about, make sure you include Stony Ridge in your agenda.  Check out their current case specials – you might just find a gem!  Rumor has it that Swirl is carrying a hard to find red blend, Stony Ridge 2005 Trifecta, that was once on the $70 case special listing!!  Cheers to great deals on great wine in Livermore!

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