Cuda Ridge Cabernet and Birthday Fun

The Bryersantís gang is down in Monterey right now at the Chart House celebrating Carl’s birthday. It’s been a great day of hanging out with the gang in Carmel and Monterey eating good food and of course visiting the tasting rooms.

Monterey boasts many great wines, but for this occasion we needed […]

Road Trips and Flat Tires

Wrapping up a beautiful weekend spent with family at a once-in-a-lifetime type family reunion.  We stopped off at the quaint little town of Truckee, CA and made a stop for lunch at our favorite little haunt, Squeeze In.  Carl and I had recently discovered this gem last visit up to the Tahoe area about a […]

Livermore Wine Experiences

It’s been a little over a year since this picture was taken.  This was the evening that Bryersantís was born.  As the six of us sat in my backyard drinking Livermore wine, we questioned the reasoning behind going all the way to Napa for wine tasting when we had all of the Livermore wineries […]

Livermore Harvest Time At Longevity Wines

Members of Bryersantis assist Phil and Debra Long of Longevity Wines in Livermore, California with part of their 2010 harvest.

A Great Time to Visit Tamás Estates

This is the best time of year!  Early fall, the holidays are just around the corner, it’s still warm, but change is in the air and the vineyards are in their full glory bursting with beautiful grapes ready for harvest.  Now is a great time to visit Livermore and it’s over 50 wineries!  Just discovered […]

Random things I like…..this week

A random thought.  I was thinking about what interests me this week.  I say “this week” because it changes from week to week….sometimes even day to day!  So, currently here it is!

As I past by our wine rack tonight, I noticed this label.  I said to myself, “Whoa!  What’s that!”  I quickly reached down […]



BoaVentura de Caires Winery, fun for the kids too…


Just this past weekend, we had a chance to visit BoaVentura de Caires Winery here in Livermore.  I was excited to try it because I’ve never been there and because they are only open once a month.  Julia and I decided to take our kids along with us.  We heard there were a few […]

Longevity 2008 Barbera!

Well, it’s Friday night and most of you know what I’ve been up too.   Yes, that’s right…BBQ.  What goes great with steak, artichoke and baked potato?  Longevity 2008 Barbera of course.  Have you tasted their latest Barbera?  It is truly their best.  I don’t understand how something can be so good.  I cannot do the […]

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