Thomas Coyne to the Rescue!

A couple of weeks ago (November 20th, to be exact), my extended family had a portrait scheduled at Sycamore Grove.  If you have never been there, it is a beautiful place for walking, biking, and, yes, even taking photos.  Well, we ran into a major problem – the rain was coming down in a way that was […]

Red to kick-off the Christmas season

Thanksgiving weekend means reaching up in the attic to get the Christmas decorations un-boxed. After a few near falls from the ladder, a couple spilt ornament boxes and too many finger-pointing episodes, we are now relaxing with the red from today’s wine alert. Wente’s 2007 Smith Bench Zinfandel from Livermore Valley is bringing the […]

Wente Smith Bench Zinfandel

Last night Rachel came home after a girl’s day out and surprised me with a bottle of Wente Vineyards 2007 Smith Bench Zinfandel. Rachel told me that the girls made a stop at the Grocery Outlet and Julia told her the Smith Bench was a must try for both its flavor and its price […]

Rock Ridge Meritage Official Wine Alert

This is an Official Bryersantís Wine Alert!!!

Thanks to Jenny’s unofficial wine alert on Wednesday, I decided to head over to the Livermore Grocery Outlet to check out the Rock Ridge Cellars Meritage that I was hearing so many good things about.  There is no need to go into detail about how good […]

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Today I had the privilage of joining my husband, Todd, for lunch at Terra Mia Italian Restaurant in Livermore.  While the food and drink were fabulous, the reason for our outing was a little bit somber.  Todd’s colleague, Navi, who has been an amazing help to him this past year, is moving on to a […]

Ruby Hill Winery 2008 Cielo Viola

Well, today I took the day off work to just relax at home.  Didn’t do much really, it was great not having to do anything for once.  I did something I have not done in months, take a nap!  I thought I should open a bottle of wine that was something I usually save for […]

Bagels and Red Wine?

I know, I know.  It sounds nuts, perhaps even *gross*.  It’s been a day.  Lots of ups and downs, emotionally and physically.  This morning, I played in Livermore Valley Tennis Club’s last match of our season.  I LOVE to play tennis – it is very addicting.  Although I am not very good, I am always […]

Another GO winner!

Well, this isn’t an official Bryersantis wine alert – for that is not my calling or my job 😉  I do have to give some props to a wine that I discovered yesterday at our local Grocery Outlet.  Several cases of the Rock Ridge Meritage were put out yesterday and I was told that […]

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