Bagels and Red Wine?

I know, I know.  It sounds nuts, perhaps even *gross*.  It’s been a day.  Lots of ups and downs, emotionally and physically.  This morning, I played in Livermore Valley Tennis Club’s last match of our season.  I LOVE to play tennis – it is very addicting.  Although I am not very good, I am always up for the challenge.  My partner and I ended up losing to our opponents, but, overall, LVTC ended up in 1st place for the season!  Very exciting indeed.  Our game was at *home*, so we were in charge of providing a spread of delicacies for all players.  I, personally, was in charge of bagels.  Heading to Noah’s for some fresh ones was definitely the only option.  The leftovers ended up at my house.  Not being able to fit them all in one bag, I *had* to eat one for dinner with my glass of wine.  I have to say, not bad.  For me, there is nothing like bread and wine – no matter which form the bread is in.

Cheers to life’s ups and downs!

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