A Bittersweet Goodbye

Today I had the privilage of joining my husband, Todd, for lunch at Terra Mia Italian Restaurant in Livermore.  While the food and drink were fabulous, the reason for our outing was a little bit somber.  Todd’s colleague, Navi, who has been an amazing help to him this past year, is moving on to a different job.  While considering of all of the fantastic places to take Navi to eat in Livermore, we chose Terra Mia.  The food is always excellent, and the wine list is filled with Livermore’s best.  There’s nothing like walking into a truly authentic Italian restaurant and receiving a kiss on the cheek from Francesco.  The ambiance and fantastic food created an atmosphere of ease and good conversation.  I chose a glass of Riva Ranch Chardonnay by Wente to pair with my chicken, portabella mushrooms and gorganzola cheese.  Perfect!  If you have not been to Terra Mia lately, it’s the perfect location for any occassion.  Thank you, Navi, for all of the ways you have worked alongside Todd and helped him keep his sanity over this past year.  Congratulations on your new job – no doubt you will be successful!  Cheers!

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