Ruby Hill Winery 2008 Cielo Viola

Well, today I took the day off work to just relax at home.  Didn’t do much really, it was great not having to do anything for once.  I did something I have not done in months, take a nap!  I thought I should open a bottle of wine that was something I usually save for a weekend or a special occasion because today was, well, sort of a glimpse of a weekend!  I chose a Ruby Hill Winery 2008 Cielo Viola.  A great bottle of wine let me tell ya.  I checked our site and found that I previously blogged about the 2007, see link if you would like to go back and take a look.

I’m happy to say that the 2008 is an awesome follow up to the 2007.  Whatever they did, they did it right.  A blend of 73% of Zin and 27% Petite Sirah.  Flavors of ripe black plum, blackberry jam, violets and cocoa.  A little oak in there too.  Again, a fantastic wine by itself or with something spicy for dinner.  Went GREAT with our Spanish casserole tonight.  Well, tomorrow is Friday and the weekend has come a little easier this week for me.  I have been on a Ruby Hill kick lately so I’ll probably open another selection from this fine winery.   Have a good weekend and take some time to relax and maybe even… take a nap!

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