Wente Smith Bench Zinfandel

Last night Rachel came home after a girl’s day out and surprised me with a bottle of Wente Vineyards 2007 Smith Bench Zinfandel. Rachel told me that the girls made a stop at the Grocery Outlet and Julia told her the Smith Bench was a must try for both its flavor and its price ($7.99). I read the label and found that all of the grapes were grown in the Wente Family’s sustainably farmed vineyards. The name Smith Bench was a tribute to pioneer, Julius Paul Smith who planted vineyards in the Livermore Valley.

I poured myself a glass and found the wine smelled fantastic. My first sip was good, but it did not produce the wow factor I was hoping for. I decided to let the bottle sit for about 30 minutes. What a difference a little time can make. My second glass was fantastic; exactly what I was hoping for.

Get to the Grocery Outlet quick before this great find is gone. Make sure to decant it or run it through an aerator for best flavor. My thanks to Julia and Rachel for another great find.

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