Thomas Coyne to the Rescue!

A couple of weeks ago (November 20th, to be exact), my extended family had a portrait scheduled at Sycamore Grove.  If you have never been there, it is a beautiful place for walking, biking, and, yes, even taking photos.  Well, we ran into a major problem – the rain was coming down in a way that was not condusive to an outdoor photo shoot.  We had to think quick – especially with 2,  2-year-olds and nap time to be considered.  Todd and I quickly hopped back in the car and drove to the nearest tasting room off of Vallecitos Road.  We, of course, drove right up to Thomas Coyne Winery.  We weren’t sure about squeezing 16 people into their fantastic tasting room, but we thought we would ask anyway – Todd and I are not known to make decisions based upon the fear of being rejected ;-).  We crept up to the door and peeked in a little to check out the vibe that afternoon,  and were immediately greeted by Emilie Coyne.  After sharing our predicament, she enthusiastically encouraged us to call our entourage and send them right over.  She assured us that we would not drive away any customers and that it would be lots of fun.  Emilie was amazingly gracious to let us take up so much of her space for a couple of hours.  The photo shoot was a success!  There were no major meltdowns with any of the 6 kids and the photos turned out great.  HUGE thanks to Emilie and the staff at Thomas Coyne – you were all very gracious and patient with us!  And thank you also to our photographer, Thomas Minczeski, for your patience and flexibility!!

Cheers to a *could have been a bad situation* turned good!

By the way – if you have not been to Thomas Coyne yet, please go and enjoy their wines.  You will not be disappointed.  If you are a Cabernet Sauvignon fan – their 2005 is amazing!  Don’t forget to tell them that Bryersantis sent you.

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