Karaoke at Swirl

Last night, Swirl hosted it’s first karaoke night, featuring Fat Cat Music.  First, let me say, if you have never been to Swirl, go check it out.  Here is a link to their website – you can see their current Tapas and Wine menu, and check out current events taking place there:

Swirl On The Square

Ok, back to karaoke.  It was packed last night.  Lot’s of guests taking advantage of happy hour and the variety of tunes that Fat Cat Music provided.  Plenty of Neil Diamond, Christmas tunes, country music, and a little bit of everything else (including “Baby Got Back” performed by our own Todd).  It was such a fun night.  There were many there who weren’t interested in singing, but were very supportive of those who were brave enough.  Not an easy thing to do!!  There will be another Karaoke night on Thursday, December 23rd.  That gives you all a couple of weeks to work on your favorite song and perform it outside of the shower!  Perhaps Rocco will be working on something special too?

Cheers to Swirl for a great night of fun!!

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