I heart Research Fridays

Jenny called me up early last week and said, “do you realize that this is the last Friday we have for Research Friday before the kids get out of school for Christmas break?”  I hadn’t realized this, but as the realization sunk in, I suddenly discovered that folding clothes and straightening the house would NOT deter this mom from stealing away with her beloved friends and having a lovely afternoon off….with that we decided that for our last hurrah of 2010 we would seal the deal with one of our favorite and always wonderful wineries, El Sol.  We decided to meet up after lunch.  As I began to drive down the long pebbled driveway, I started to realize that perhaps, El Sol was closed for the day. Could it be the sign in front of the house that stated “closed”?  No, it couldn’t be, I proceeded down the driveway and after realizing that I was the first one to arrive, I decided to wait for my friends to accompany me into the tasting room.  When all 6 of my friends arrived, we began piling out of our cars and were greeted by the winemaker himself, Hal Liske. He indeed had closed the tasting room, much to our dismay, but being the kind man that he is, after seeing our great disappointment and sad faces, relented and dropped what he was doing to pour some tastings and allow us to do a little Christmas shopping.  Did you know that El Sol Winery boasts the best costume jewelry this side of San Francisco?  They offer a variety of beautiful bracelets, scarfs, necklaces, earrings, and other bobbles at such affordable prices that any girl would gush with excitement over such trinkets?  Wow, you would make just about any girls day by allowing them to shop and sip some extraordinary wine at this locale!   You can do this any Friday through Sunday at El Sol Winery right here in my tiny little hometown of Livermore!   I’ll tell you, we Livermore residents are truly spoiled.  Anyway, after a flight of tastings, I have to tell you that my very favorite THIS time was Hal’s 2005 Pitite Sirah Livermore Valley.  Lately I have had a taste for more prune-quality wines.  This was one of those!!!  It was delicious.  Of course his famous Chardonnay was there too, which is the white wine for red wine lovers, which I am.  As well as a variety of other gems.  If I were you, I would make this a destination the next time you have an urge to go wine tasting, you will be glad you did.

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