Date Night and Livermore Cattlemens

Earlier this year, Rachel helped as a counselor for our daughter’s class when they went on a school camping trip.  I came home last week and Rachel was excited to tell me that the teachers had decided to pay back the parents who helped by watching their kids for a night to allow the parents to go out and have some fun for a couple of hours.  Needless to say, Rachel was quick to email the teachers back (twice) to let them know we would be taking them up on the offer.

As we talked about what we wanted to do on our night out on the town, Rachel discovered some unused movie passes that we had forgotten about.  So, a movie and dinner it was going to be.  We ended up going to see “The Tourist”.  With a little bit of action, a little bit of romance, and several twists we both ended up enjoying the movie.

For dinner that night we decided to go to the Livermore Cattlemens, which we had not been to in a while.  To our surprise, they were offering half off on bottled wine.  This is a special they run every Wednesday along with their $10 sirloin steaks.  These steaks were so tender and tasty they could have been mistaken for filet mignon.

Prior to our meal I looked through the wine list and found the only Livermore Valley wine offered was the Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay.  At half off the price would have been around $15, which is right around its typical store price.

The Riva Ranch is always a favorite, but we were looking for a red wine to go with our meal.  Since there were no Livermore Valley red wines on the list, we decided to go with their featured wine, which was the Chateau St Jean 2008 Merlot out of Napa.  The wine was delicious with the meal, but I could think of several Livermore Valley Merlots that would have been better.  I know that Cattlemens is a chain restaurant, but hopefully they will look at expanding their Livermore wine selection.

At the end of the meal we decided to go all out and had a slice of the Cattlemens chocolate cake brought to our table.  All I can say is WOW.  It was a great ending to a beautiful night out with my wife.

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