A Trip to Wente Vineyards

Still on Christmas Vacation and loving every minute!  Sounds funny coming from an adult but it’s true!  You’d expect to hear that coming from one of my kids but I too can join in. You see, I have time off from work and I go back January 3rd, 2011. Today we were fortunate to find some fine folks to watch our kids so that meant Julia and I had time for some “research!”  We decided that we have not been to Wente Vineyards in a long time so that’s where we headed.  There are actually two Livermore locations, the main one at the golf course the other on Tesla road.  We chose the Tesla Road location.  I don’t know….there is something about that location we really like.  We feared that they would be closed but nope! We walked right into a room full of people tasting and a staff that was friendly and pouring most of Wente’s finest wines.  What a relaxing time that was needed by the both of us. The staff was friendly, informative, and quick to make recommendations on what to try.  We were very lucky to have Cara help us today, she poured a great 2009 Small Lot Pinot Blanc that Julia just loved. Cara also poured a big flavorful red 2007 Small Lot Merlot which I decided was my favorite. What a great time today.  Thank you Wente Vineyards for the reminder that there are so many great wineries right here in Livermore to visit.  We will definitely be back to Wente soon!

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