Christmas Eve spent at Tenuta Vineyards

Before driving over to my dad’s house for Christmas Eve dinner, Julia and I thought we would swing by Tenuta Vineyards in Livermore.  Heard they would be open so it was a perfect stop.  Also heard if you bring in an empty wine bottle they would fill it up for $10 if it was one of their bottles and 12 bucks if you brought in any other empty wine bottle.  It’s a great experience, we got to put in the wine cork and everything.  I believe they are doing this throughout the whole month of December.  Anyway, we chose the Cab which is great by the way.  As always, Rich and Kelly were the best.  Our kids were with us so Rich found Sponge Bob on the big screen and gave them some soda to drink.  I think we will be coming back soon.  Oh yeah, we also tried the Cab Franc, Syrah, Petite Syrah, and their “Mamba” port.  All were excellent.  My favorite was the Petite Syrah.  Completely full bodied, fruit forward, hints of oak and my friend pepper!  Well I have to say, it was a great beginning to the Christmas celebration.  I do think a tradition has started.  Merry Christmas.

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