Nicole’s Parents Wine

About 6 weeks ago, the Bryersantis family decided that we needed to have a wine tasting.  We had found some wines at the Grocery Outlet, a winery or 2 and a special unlabled bottle from my friend Nicole, whose mom and dad, that lives in Sonoma made.  I am all about the home winemaker, in fact, some of our favorite winemakers started in places like the garage.  Bryersantis has even been known to try out their winemaking skills in places as small as or smaller than a crawl space under a stairwell.  With that, I was very excited to try Nicole’s parents wine.  Now, I can’t lie to you, I have tried his wine before, and let me tell you, Carl and I LOVED it!  So I knew this would not disappoint.   We tried several 2oz tastes of wine that evening, but the favorite of the evening was………………drum roll please……………………….Nicole’s parents wine!!!!!!!  With hints of plum and berry and a ruby red color, this was the winner of the night!!!!!  This was an 06 blend of Syrah and Cabernet from Sonoma county!  Lovely, smooth, and well crafted, this wine is one that I wish I could pass on to you!  Maybe one day!  It’s name is Wintercreek Winery, so look for it…you may see it on your local wineshops shelves one day……By the way, cheers to you home winemakers!  Some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted…

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