Karaoke at Swirl

Last night, Swirl hosted it’s first karaoke night, featuring Fat Cat Music.  First, let me say, if you have never been to Swirl, go check it out.  Here is a link to their website – you can see their current Tapas and Wine menu, and check out current events taking place there:

Swirl On The […]

Tate Dog!

Haven’t heard of Tate Dog?  Well neither had I, until recently.  Swirl has an amazing Chardonnay by Tate Dog on their wine list right now.  Try it with the Swirl Classic Sandwich – yum!  Tate Dog wine is made right here in Livermore.  More on that another time.

Last night, the Bryersantis gang headed out […]

John Christopher Cellars 2007 Petite Sirah

Bryersantis  attended the Wine Maker’s Dinner last night at Ruby Hill Winery here in Livermore.  We were invited by Longevity Wines and I think it was the best time we’ve had in a while.  I still cannot get over the fact that Longevity wanted us to join them at their table sharing their evening […]

Hayes Ranch 2006 California Merlot

Tonight we are celebrating my nephew’s 21st birthday. A great occasion! My sister in-law offered me a glass of Merlot and wanted to see what I thought of it. Took a sip, wait for it….hey, this is a good Merlot! I mean really good! Hints of spice and berries, yet smooth and full bodied. […]

Livermore Christmas Parade and Rock Ridge Cellars Meritage

Well it’s Christmas time and that means all the fun begins.  I have to admit in the past I’ve been quite the “bah hum bug” about putting up lights, the tree and going Christmas shopping.  I also swore I’d never go to another Christmas parade that involved walking to find a spot, standing for a […]

Annual Holidays in the Vineyards

This weekend is the annual Holidays in the Vineyards event sponsored by the Livermore Valley Wine Growers Association.  There are many participating wineries that will have lots of great vendors (good Christmas shopping opportunities) and excellent food!  This event runs both Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th from 12 – 5.  For a listing […]

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