Picazo line-up Winter '11

A crisp setting for tasting wine at Picazo Vinyards in Livermore, CA

Last weekend the Bryersantis team forged ahead in our quest to taste from each Livermore winery in our fertile East Bay valley. That endeavor brought us up the driveway of PICAZO Vineyards just before lunch.  This is the best time to go […]

Official Bryersantis Wine Alert!!!

This is an official Bryersantis Wine Alert.  If you have been to the Grocery Outlet in the past month, you may have noticed a few varietals of the Sterling label.  Today, the Livermore Grocery Outlet received 15 cases of the Sterling Syrah.  This one sells for $5.99.  It is an outstanding wine at an […]

How the magic happens at Picazo

How can it be that every one of Picazo’s wines are so delightful? We had a small lesson on the hand-crafted nature of process from Picazo’s wine maker Mark Clarin. His winemaking, viticultural skills, and experience are manifested in producing fine red Bordeaux wines. The Merlot fruit is harvested before dawn in Livermore then trucked […]

A brief Picazo history

Last weekend the Bryersantis crew celebrated Ken’s birthday with a few choice visits to Livermore’s finest destinations.  The highlight of the day from my perspective was spending time with the joyful team at PICAZO Vineyards.

The vineyard where PICAZO now resides was planted in 1996 by Wente. Jose and Pam Picazo purchased the land in […]

Leave The Wine Snob At The Door

As you can tell from previous posts, I was pretty excited about the results of the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  Our Livermore Wineries both big and small won an impressive amount of awards.  It was this excitement that prompted me to expand beyond the Bryersantis audience and share this accomplishment with the members […]

Bravo to The Vine!

Mixing things up a bit Jenny, Julia, our friend Donna, and I decided to take advantage of another great feature Livermore has to offer. The Vine Cinema!  What’s better than going to see a movie with friends?  Well, along with your standard soda pop and hot buttered popcorn on the menu you can find […]

The Art of Bunco

I was recently invited by a dear friend to sub at her monthly Bunco game.  I have been a sub before for this group as well as for another group and have always enjoyed it.  If you don’t know what the game of Bunco is, let me give you a brief description.  Each game has 6 […]

Research Friday At Bent Creek Winery

On a recent Research Friday the ladies of Bryersantís met Carl and me for lunch at Swirl.  I don’t recall what the ladies had to eat, but I know that Carl and I both decided to order the beef stew.  It was a wise choice as it was easily one of the best stews […]

Thank you Tenuta!

Yesterday, the weather was way too gorgeous to be inside.  Rachel and I decided to take our girls on a picnic lunch – destination, Tenuta Winery.  We chose Tenuta for a variety of reasons – it is a beautiful property, the wine is consistently fantastic, we hadn’t been there for a while, and we knew that […]

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