Demitri’s Taverna & Swirl

Before the New Year kicked into gear and after the extravaganzas of Christmas, Carl and I decided that we needed a night out on the town.  What town you ask?  Why of course, our hometown, Livermore.  With so many restaurants to choose from, we narrowed it down to one that we hadn’t tried before and that came with rave reviews.  Demitri’s Taverna.  We were not disappointed.  In fact, this is now one of our favorite restaurants anywhere!  Authentic and delicious Greek fare.  Not that I would neccessarily know, but since Carl actually has spent time in Greece, and because his mom cooked very similarily to this style, Carl was blown away by all of the favorite old familiar tastes!  We started with hummus and bread, which was outstanding, and we can be pretty big hummus snobs. We were also served a large glass of Boaventura Livermore Cab!  Delicious!  Of course with Boaventura on the label, we knew it would be. We were impressed that Demitri’s went out of  their way to serve Livermore wines, there were several on the list!  We proceeded to order our dinners, Carl ordered the Moussaka, which I can only describe as something similar to eggplant lasagna, only so much more!  I ordered the Chicken Souvlaki, which was marinated chicken with grilled onions and peppers served with a yogurt sauce on a soft delicious pita bread.  Outstanding!  We were more than thrilled with Demitri’s, the price point was great too!  We then decided that the night was still young and that it deserved a visit to one of our favorite little spots, Swirl. When we arrived the place was jumping!  We managed to sit in a little nook and chatted with Rocco, the owner, for a while.  We decided on a flight of 3-3oz pours.  3 Livermore wineries were reprsented, Thomas Coyne, Bent Creek and Cuda Ridge……all delicious!  Rocco changes his menu frequently and is very good at picking great Livermore wines to be on that menu!  It was in a word, delightful!  It’s hard to believe our little Livermore has really grown up and become such a great little place to go out to!  When we moved here 12 years ago, there were just a handful of restaurants, and that was about it if you wanted to go out.  Now, skies the limit, from going to a live theater production, to dancing or karoking , to sipping some wines at a wine bar, Livermore now offers so much!  I really love my hometown!

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