Fantastic Wines Currently at the Grocery Outlet

This morning I started my day with a trip to the Grocery Outlet, or the GO, as Julia likes to call it!  Having been there just 2 days ago, I went back because of a great bottle of Sterling Merlot.  Not normally a Merlot drinker, I was really suprised when I ended up loving it.  Figuring there wouldn’t be any left much longer, I decided to head back.  Well, I missed out.  It was gone.  As I was perusing the selection, I noticed a lot of BV and some other Sterling vartietals.  Mike happened to walk in as I was pulling a couple off of the shelf.  We had a chance to look over the current inventory and found many, many amazing choices.  My cart quickly filled up with some BV Grenache and Tempranillo, and a few bottles of Sterling Syrah.  There are quite a few cases of the Syrah and Grenache right now, but the Tempranillo is looking a little thin.  All of the above mentioned bottles are selling for $5.99.  Amazing, great wine for a really great price.  Thanks, Mike, for taking time this morning out of your schedule to chat and help me bring home some winners!!

Cheers to the GO for great wine at a great price!

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