Grappa – ever hear of it?  My first introduction to it was on the Food Network.  I believe it was one of those shows where someone travels all over the world and tries crazy food and drink.  The loction was Italy.  The drink was Grappa.  While browsing at the Livermore Grocery Outlet, my eyes came upon this bottle here.  I noticed it a couple of days ago, but didn’t give it any thought (it looked like port, so I didn’t go close enough to check it out).  There were a few cases Tuesday, today there were 3 bottles.  At $3.99, I had to see what the hype was about and do a little research.

Grappa is a very strong wine (some actually call it Brandy) containing a very high alcohol content (the Grappa pictured here has 45.1% alcohol!!).  There are many varietals of Grappa (mine is a Zinfandel).  It claims to be the most popular alcoholic drink in Italy.  The main ingredient of Grappa is pomace, which consists of the grape skins, seeds and stalks that are left over from the winemaking process.  These are taken through a second process of distillation, which extracts the remaining flavours from the pomace before the waste is discarded. The grappa is then either bottled at once, which creates white grappa (grappa bianca), or aged in wooden casks to create the yellow or brown-hued grappa known as riserva. (Thanks to for the information).  It is also said that, unlike wine, Grappa is often served straight from the freezer and sipped from a small *tulip* shaped glass, rather than balloon or narrow ones. 

I am not one to enjoy sipping on hard alcohol, but the Grappa might deserve a chance since it is so popular in the land of my ancestors.  Perhaps it will be enjoyed with the Bryersantis family the next time we get together……stay tuned.

Cheers to trying something new!

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