Thank you Tenuta!

Yesterday, the weather was way too gorgeous to be inside.  Rachel and I decided to take our girls on a picnic lunch – destination, Tenuta Winery.  We chose Tenuta for a variety of reasons – it is a beautiful property, the wine is consistently fantastic, we hadn’t been there for a while, and we knew that Rich would welcome our kids, just as he welcomes anyone who comes!  We decided to sip on their Chardonnay while we ate.  After we were done, while the girls played with Butters (the famous cat) and searched for jack rabbits, we went into the tasting room to visit with Gary and try their reds.  Our favorite of the day was the Zinfandel.  So fruity and smooth.  A perfect red, in my book.  I still think that Tenuta’s Primativo is one of the best bottles in Livermore – can’t wait until they release another one!!  Thanks, so much, Rich and Gary for your hospitality, not just to Rachel and I, but to our kids as well.

Cheers to girl time at Tenuta!

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