Research Friday At Bent Creek Winery

On a recent Research Friday the ladies of Bryersantís met Carl and me for lunch at Swirl.  I don’t recall what the ladies had to eat, but I know that Carl and I both decided to order the beef stew.  It was a wise choice as it was easily one of the best stews I have had.  Hopefully they will keep that one on the menu.

After finishing our lunch it was time for Carl to go back to work (sorry Carl) and time for the rest of us to explore another one of our Livermore wineries that we had not yet been to.  After a brief discussion, we unanimously decided that Bent Creek Winery was our Livermore winery of choice for the day.  I was excited to be able to visit Bent Creek and very eager to be able to sample their award winning wines.  This year they had the honor of winning seven awards at the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, which included the following:

-2008 Livermore Valley Zinfandel $20.00 (Bronze)

-2007 Livermore Valley Syrah $20.00 (Silver)

-2008 Livermore Valley Petite Sirah $25.00 (Silver)

-2008 Livermore Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00 (Silver)

-2008 Livermore Valley Cabernet Franc $25.00 (Silver)

-2008 Livermore Valley Red on Red $25.00 (Bronze)

-2007 Amador County Vintage Port $23.00 (Silver)

Set down a small road off of Greenville Rd was the Bent Creek Winery tasting room, which was surrounded by sprawling vineyards.  It was a beautiful setting that definitely set the right tone for tasting wine.  Upon entering the tasting room we were greeted by Forest who was very surprised when he found out it was our first visit to the winery.  He made it his goal to impress upon us that it should not be our last time.

Looking at the tasting menu, I found it presented seven wines and three ports for us to taste.  I was disappointed to see that the 2007 Amador County Vintage Port was the only wine on the list from the 2011 Chronicle wine competition, but my disappointment did not last for long as I became sold on Bent Creek with the taste of each new wine I had the opportunity to try.  It was easy to see why six of the seven wines had won multiple tasting awards.  When we arrived at the Ports, I was amazed at how different, yet how tasty each one was.  My favorite wine of the day was the 2007 New Release Livermore Valley Zinfandel.

During our tasting, Forest told us about the picnic spots on the Bent Creek property.  Through the tasting room window, off in the distance, we could see a beautifully crafted gazebo, which had plenty of room around it for children to run and play.  For the more adventurous, Forest pointed out a picnic table at the top of a hill that overlooked the gazebo.  He shared with us that the top of the hill boasts a beautiful view of the sprawling vineyards of the Livermore Valley for those who are willing to climb.

I can’t wait to go back to Bent Creek.  Next time we might even bring the kids. On second thought maybe it will be a romantic afternoon hike with my wife to enjoy a bottle of wine while taking in the beautiful Livermore view.  Either way I know it’s going to be great.

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