The Art of Bunco

I was recently invited by a dear friend to sub at her monthly Bunco game.  I have been a sub before for this group as well as for another group and have always enjoyed it.  If you don’t know what the game of Bunco is, let me give you a brief description.  Each game has 6 rounds.  1st round you try to roll all 1’s, 2nd round 2’s, 3rd round 3’s and so on.  If you get all of the same number during the appropriate round you get a “bunco” and everyone is soooo excited, there’s screaming, there’s shouting, there’s cash prizes and sometimes you even get to wear a tiara (gasp!)!!  Anyway, because it has been built into me to try to strategize and make some sense to the stats of winning a game, each time I play, I look for a way to win.  But really, there is NO strategy whatsoever in the game of Bunco, and the art of the game is actually the social aspect.  This is THE game for the soccer mom crew, the one  that has replaced, pinochle, bridge, and other trendy “mom” games over the years.  Who would think someone could get this excited by dice?!  The main reason I love Bunco nights, on the rare nights I get to play, is that I get to chat with and get to know a variety of people.  The other reason I like Bunco is for the spread of food that is accompanied with it.  Once in a while too, the hostess will actually be a wine drinker and serve some of her finest….that was the deal for this evening. Although the hostess served several lovelyNapa Valley wines, I couldn’t help wondering why there was not a Livermore wine on the evening’s menu. Just think of the lovely options:  a Fenestra True Lot 25 blend, a Ruby Hill Barbera, a Longevity Syrah, a Tamas Zin, or a Bent Creek Cab.  All would make fabulous options for a Bunco hostess.  It brought me back to my original thoughts of the Bryersantis mission….to educate and promote the lovely Livermore valley and it’s gorgeous vineyards.  We have such treasures in our own backyard!  Go out this weekend and surprise yourself with something new from one of our many award winning wineries!  If you find any true gems, comment back so we can all enjoy! Or bring it to your next Bunco game, I’m sure the guests will enjoy it!  Cheers to the weekend!

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