Leave The Wine Snob At The Door

As you can tell from previous posts, I was pretty excited about the results of the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  Our Livermore Wineries both big and small won an impressive amount of awards.  It was this excitement that prompted me to expand beyond the Bryersantis audience and share this accomplishment with the members of Snooth.com.  For those of you who are not familiar with this site, it is perhaps the largest wine related site on the web and is a good resource for discovering and rating wines from around the world.  Livermore has had some exposure on this site in the past, but for the most part you will find it hard to locate any talk about the majority of our 50 plus wineries.

My post was simple.  I listed all of the Livermore wineries that medaled and I spoke to the feat that had been accomplished by winning when they were among over 5000 entries into the competition.  I ended to post by listing a couple of the award winning Livermore wines that I have tasted and liked.  Three of the wines were from our small boutique wineries (Cuda Ridge, Nottingham Cellars, and Harris Tesla), one was from a larger producing yet still what I would consider boutique winery (Fenestra), and the last was from Wente.

Unfortunately, response to my post was not one of praise for the wineries who had achieved success.  It was a condemnation of any wine that didn’t fit into the responders list of the acceptable.  It was this response that reminded me of what Julia mentioned in her most recent post and of why Bryersantis came into being.

We don’t claim to be wine experts and we don’t believe that everyone was made to love the same wines.  We made it our goal to go out into the Livermore Valley wine country to discover wines that we love.  We wanted to share our experiences with others so that it would encourage them to get out and discover for themselves what they love about Livermore wine.  We don’t expect you to love the same wines we love.  In fact we love to hear and share about the wines that other have found and love.  We are not going to skew our presentation of a wine because it is one you can easily find in large quantities at the store.  In our opinion that just means there is more great wine for everyone.  We also will not let price be a factor in whether or not we like a wine.  It doesn’t matter if it costs $2.99 at the Livermore Grocery Outlet or $100 at the local winery.  If it taste great, that’s what counts.

So leave the Wine Snob at the door and forget about price of the wine, the wine tasting fee, the ambiance of the winery, the quantity of a vintage that was produced, and focus on taste.  If you don’t like it, great.  Don’t drink any more.  If you love it let us know so we can spread the word about great Livermore wines.

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