A brief Picazo history

Last weekend the Bryersantis crew celebrated Ken’s birthday with a few choice visits to Livermore’s finest destinations.  The highlight of the day from my perspective was spending time with the joyful team at PICAZO Vineyards.

The vineyard where PICAZO now resides was planted in 1996 by Wente. Jose and Pam Picazo purchased the land in 2004 and joined the Livermore wine community after moving from Los Gatos.  They  maintain 14 acres of vineyards on the 20 acre estate.  Jose continues to manage a internet company (ICONIX) in the south bay as he and his wife build and promote the PICAZO brand with the help of experienced winemaker Mark Clarin.

Picazo launched with Merlot production in 2004 and entered the retail stage in 2007.  Crush, fermentation and aging takes place in Napa caverns while most fruit is grown right here in Livermore, CA, just east of Ruby Hill.  Each year before the harvest, the Picazos invite a local padre to bless the vineyards then all the PICAZO family and friends feast on lobster in anticipation of another great vintage.

When you visit, give yourself ample time to enjoy the wine tasting and to gain an education on the craftsmanship behind the artwork filling your glass.  Scrumptious food pairings are designed, created and served personally by Pam who may let you in on a few secrets to creating your own memorable pairings as you entertain. Tastings are by appointment only and cost $20 which you can leverage toward your purchases.

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