How the magic happens at Picazo

How can it be that every one of Picazo’s wines are so delightful? We had a small lesson on the hand-crafted nature of process from Picazo’s wine maker Mark Clarin. His winemaking, viticultural skills, and experience are manifested in producing fine red Bordeaux wines. The Merlot fruit is harvested before dawn in Livermore then trucked to Napa to arrive at dawn at the mouth of a cool cave. After the crush, Mark insists on not just barrel aging, but also barrel fermentation. While others are punching mega bins/vats, Mark employs a different procedure entirely. He combines dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) with the crushed grapes in a secret ratio to maintain the chill at ~50 deg F for 3-4 days. He calls this period the cold soak. Afterwards, the temperature is elevated to 75 deg F before a yeast inoculation. Each barrel is on rollers so it can be spun thrice daily and vented regularly. If you have an questions regarding the wine at Picazo be sure to visit the website:

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