Tenuta Winery Futures/Blend your own bottle/Open Monday!

Just received an email from Tenuta!  See below!

Open Fri, Sat, Sun 12-6pm AND MONDAY from 12-4pm 925-960-1006 www.tenutawinery.com

In the words of George Harrison, this weekend is all about “Here comes the sun.” Pack that picnic lunch, sit outside in the month of January and call all your friends that live back east […]

Livermore Valley Fenestra Winery 2007 Zinfandel

Simply put, a GREAT wine from Fenestra.  Again, from right here in Livermore.   Sometimes I just can’t get over the great wineries right here in town.  I feel lucky to live here.  Anyway, back on track… a GREAT wine.  This is a truly a Zinfandel in every sense of the word.  If you never have tried a good […]

Nottingham Cellars 6 for 6 at the SF Chronicle Wine Competition

Nottingham Cellars is a new comer to the Livermore Valley.  They are just now celebrating the one year anniversary of their Livermore tasting room, but that and the fact that they have one of the youngest winemakers in the Valley has not slowed them down.  At this year’s San Francisco Chronicle wine competition Nottingham […]


Grappa – ever hear of it?  My first introduction to it was on the Food Network.  I believe it was one of those shows where someone travels all over the world and tries crazy food and drink.  The loction was Italy.  The drink was Grappa.  While browsing at the Livermore Grocery Outlet, my eyes came upon […]

Fantastic Wines Currently at the Grocery Outlet

This morning I started my day with a trip to the Grocery Outlet, or the GO, as Julia likes to call it!  Having been there just 2 days ago, I went back because of a great bottle of Sterling Merlot.  Not normally a Merlot drinker, I was really suprised when I ended up loving it.  Figuring there […]

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2011

The 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition was bigger than ever. There were over 5000 entries from 23 States continuing the Chronicle wine competition’s run as the “largest competition of American wines in the world.” Even with the large number of entries, Livermore Valley wineries both large and small were up for the challenge. […]

Grapeful Red

About a year ago, Todd and I were gifted with an amazing bottle of Ruby Hill Grapeful Red signed by an amazing group of people.  We have been hanging on to this bottle for a couple of reasons – 1. Because it was such a special gift and we didn’t want to just open it […]

2011 is going to be a great year!

The Bryersantis Family has challenged ourselves to take our love of wine to new levels in 2011.  Just before the end of 2010, we were all able to get together for a *planning* session and discuss our goals for this year.  It was great to find out how like-minded we all were when it came to […]

Demitri’s Taverna & Swirl

Before the New Year kicked into gear and after the extravaganzas of Christmas, Carl and I decided that we needed a night out on the town.  What town you ask?  Why of course, our hometown, Livermore.  With so many restaurants to choose from, we narrowed it down to one that we hadn’t tried before and that […]

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