Heavyweight Red

Once in a while, we have an opportunity to reach beyond Livermore and check out other amazing wine regions.  Last weekend, we headed over to Ken and Rachel’s house for some fantastic homemade pizza and a special tasting of samples from Eagle Rock Wine and Spirits.  We tried everything from Chardonnay to a chocolaty dessert wine, and much more in between.  My favorite of the evening was the Heavyweight Red Cabernet.  The Heavyweight Red is vinted and bottled by White Stone Vineyards in Lodi, CA.  Although this wine is a blend of 76% Cab, 14% Syrah and 10% Zin, it can still be called a Cabernet Sauvignon because it meets the minimum requirement of containing 75% of the Cab.  This wine is a very big tasting red, full of fruit flavors. It is so smooth you won’t want to put the glass down.  You can really smell the blackberry – divine.  To learn more about Eagle Rock Wine and Spirits, visit www.adswines.com.   If you happen to see a bottle of the Heavyweight Red on the shelf at your local grocery store or Wine Shop, and you are a fan of big, fruity reds, grab a bottle – you won’t be disappointed.

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