Tenuta does Casino Night

Last night, I surprised Todd with a date to one of our favorite wineries, Tenuta. Tenuta hosted a Casino Night to thank their many customers for their continued support. Let me just start by saying, when Nancy and Rich throw a party, they go all out. The evening started off with a sensory tasting – we were taken to the barrel room (not unusual for a visit to Tenuta) for a tasting of their 2005 Syrah barrelled 3 different ways; French Oak, American Oak, and Hungarian Oak. Wow – the differences were amazing. While I really liked all 3 of them, the French Oak was my favorite. Please share yours if you pop in the next couple of weeks and try for yourself!

After the barrel tasting, we made our way back to the tasting room where several appetizers and plenty of wine (our favorite of the night was the Wine Club Syrah – wow!) were waiting for us. As we ate, drank, and got to know our table mates, we were told that the casino was open for business. Todd and I happily made our way to the tables to play Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, and to take a few spins at the Roulette Wheel. After playing a while, it was time to eat (again). Salad, pulled pork, baked potatoes (with the works), risotto, and penne pasta with cream sauce – wow, what a spread. After dinner, there was more gaming to be had. If you had already had your fill, there was always the dance floor, which is where Todd and I ended up (for the rest of the night). If that weren’t enough, Tenuta raffled away over 20 prizes! A very fun end to a great night.

If this event comes up again, it may turn into a mandatory Bryersantis occassion! It was such a great time and I was sorry to see it end.

Cheers to Nancy and Rich for opening up their doors and showing us all such a great time! Can’t wait to come back again soon.

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