Livermore Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! Red Head Ranch 2005 Zinfandel

Hello fellow wine lovers!  Do you remember when I blogged about the 2003 Red Head Ranch Zin straight from the Grocery Outlet?  If you cannot remember the wine alert from earlier in the month, see details below on my past blog.

Monday Nights are usually “blah” and I was hoping for something to liven up the evening.  What brings excitement to a Monday evening?  A solid Zin that’s what.  Julia went to the Livermore Grocery outlet today and brought home a few wines from the Red Head Ranch Vineyard.  A Paso Robles Winery offering a great Zin and a Cabernet blend.  Julia will blog about the blend she picked up and I will focus on the Zin.  Full bodied, smooth, a light taste of prune, nutty, spicy, all with a great floral nose.  Why a wine alert?  It was darn good at a great price, that’s why.  Plus, a 2003? You know what’s coming, “wow!”  Anything titled “old vine Zin” has got to be delicious.  The Zin is $5.99 a bottle at the Livermore Grocery Outlet.  Don’t walk, run over and grab a few bottles!!  As always, please tell me what you think by commenting back.  Have a good week!

That was then, and this is now.  Let me tell you, the 2005 Red Head Ranch Zin is better!  Full bodied, plum, port like qualities but not overbearing at all.  If you liked the 2003, you’ll LOVE the 2005 Zin.  Still at $5.99 a bottle too.  Here’s a challenge for you all, will you go out tomorrow and purchase?  Or will you risk it and wait until Wednesday when the 20% off sale starts!




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