Bringing Livermore To Miramar Beach

Research Friday At Little Valley Winery

This Research Friday, the rest of the Bryersantís gang was busy so Rachel and I found ourselves on our own. This was not a problem since it is always nice to get out with my wife.  Rachel loves to get out and discover new things so we decided to do just that.  Up to this […]

Hidden Treasure At Crooked Vine Winery

This weekend I had the opportunity to stop in at Crooked Vine / Stoney Ridge Winery and sample some of their tasty wines.  We have shared in several of our posts about some of the fantastic wine finds we have encountered on our previous visits.  This includes the 2008 Stoney Ridge Zinfandel, which Todd raved about in […]

2011 Livermore Barrel Tasting Weekend

Get ready wine lovers.  Next weekend (Saturday March 19th – Sunday March 20th) is the Livermore Valley’s 3rd annual Barrel Tasting Weekend.  This is going to be a great opportunity to get out of the old routine and visit wineries you haven’t been to before.  Be among the first to sample and purchase Livermore’s wines […]

Fenestra Graciano

Friday was a great day.  A coworker and I finished work early and found ourselves with a couple of free hours.  We are both wine lovers and we decided that a little wine tasting was just what we needed.  My friend has had limited experience with Livermore Valley wineries and Livermore wine so I […]

Sick Day

It has been a “sick” week around our house.  First I got IT, the sore throat, body aches, kinda feverish cold.  Then our oldest son stayed home with it and today our daughter.  I had to call in from work today.  So much to do and yet a day to forcefully rest and relax.  Kinda […]

2008 Stony Ridge Zinfandel

The 2008 Stony Ridge Zinfandel was uncorked tonight and never re-corked. The best wine I’ve tasted in the last 30 days. Period. Priced around $22 at the winery. Grab a bottle and go to Zephyr (no corking fee) and enjoy with the meatloaf.



Livermore Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! Red Head Ranch 2003 Zinfandel

Monday Nights are usually “blah” and I was hoping for something to liven up the evening.  What brings excitement to a Monday evening?  A solid Zin that’s what.  Julia went to the Livermore Grocery outlet today and brought home a few wines from the Red Head Ranch Vineyard.  A Paso Robles Winery offering a great […]

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