Casbah Cafe and Fenestra True Red * Lot 25*

Julia and I wanted to try something different for dinner the other night.  We remembered the new restaurant that opened up near Zephyr Grill on First Street in Livermore.  Something different sounded good, so we headed over to Casbah Cafe right on First Street.  I couldn’t wait to try the food.  My mom made the best Armenian food and I was eager to see what they had in store for me.  We walked in and noticed the place was packed out.  That didn’t bother us because we were treated like we were the only ones there.  We sat down and had a look at the menu.  Wow, this place brought back memories of great food with my family.  We decided to try the Falafel, Dolmas, and Greek Salad.  All were delicious, authentic flavors at a great price too.  The WINE!  I forgot to mention the WINE!  Get this, Casbah Cafe only serves Livermore Valley Wines!  How great is that?  We looked at the wine selection and couldn’t believe our eyes.  Big bold letters, “we only serve Livermore wines.”  That was so GREAT to see.  We almost couldn’t decide….Fenestra, Cuda Ridge, Tamas Estates….what to choose??  Finally we made up our minds.  I chose the Fenestra True Red *Lot 25* and Julia chose Tamas Estates Double Decker Red.  Julia said her choice was excellent and I’d like to say mine was an incredible choice as well. Went so well with hummus, pita bread, Greek salad, and Dolmas.  True Lot 25 has been a favorite of mine from Fenestra, but so much better with a great dinner out on the town.  The back of the bottle says, “Named for George True who built our winery building in 1889, this is Fenestra’s most popular wine.  This delicious wine is rich and smooth, with a cherry/raspberry bouquet and plum/black cherry flavor.  It is a complex blend, with medium body and a lingering finish.  A great everyday red wine – with pizza, ravioli, hamburgers, even filet mignon.”  It was the perfect wine for me.  Love a good red that’s smooth and medium to full bodied.  Long story short, try The Casbah Cafe here in Livermore and enjoy some Livemore wine while you are there.

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