Rodrigue Molyneaux Introduces Wine and Food Pairings

During a recent Research Friday visit to Swirl I had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of Rodrigue Molyneaux’s 2008 Cabiovese.  This is one of my favorite wines and it had been too long since I had the opportunity to taste its wonderful flavor.  Unfortunately my glass found itself empty all too quickly and I was still craving more.

When my good friend Matt asked me to join him and his friends at the Rodrigue Molyneaux tasting room, the only obvious answer was yes.  It was Matt’s first time to Rodrigue Molyneaux and I knew he and his friends were in for a great experience.

One of the great things I like about Rodrigue Molyneaux is that while many wineries in the valley have decided to go with the French Bordeaux style of winemaking (which I love), they have chosen to lean toward the Italian style, which brings more great flavor and variety to the valley.

We walked into the tasting room and were greeted by Lindsey who told us about the new changes happening at Rodrigue Molyneaux.  They are expanding on the Italian theme by adding food pairings to the tastings.  Each food item has been specifically selected to enhance and bring out the flavors of the wines they are paired with.  It was a great tasting experience and I was blown away by the difference in the flavor of the wines before and after the addition of their paired foods.  This great addition to the tasting menu is a definite bonus that you should go in and enjoy sooner than later.

If you want more information on Rodrigue Molyneaux, visit their website.  Also, check out the Rodrigue Molyneaux blog to get updates on the new things happening at the winery.

Thank you Lindsey for the great time.  I will definitely be back in soon.  Hopefully before the Cabiovese sells out.

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