Wanless Chardonnay Adding Great Flavor To Swirl's Tasting Room

Another Friday and another opportunity for my favorite kind of research.  Wine Research…We decided to head over to one of our favorite Friday lunch locations, Swirl, for a light meal and then some wine tasting in their newly added tasting room.

We enjoyed a fantastic lunch.  I had the pesto turkey sandwich on Chibatta bread.  Yum!  After enjoying the food and some good conversation with friends, we headed next door to see what new finds they had in store for us.

All of the wines we tasted were excellent and that included one of my favorites, the Rodrigue Molyneaux Cabiovese.  On this occasion however, I found myself blown away by the Wanless Chardonnay, which is made by TateDog.  For some of you wine lovers out there, you might recognize the TateDog label from some of our other blogs.  They really know how to make a great Chardonnay.

Summer is coming and that means its time to stock up on some nice white wines that will fit in perfectly on those hot summer days.  Wanless Chardonnay is a must have for this summer.

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