A great hair day

Any time I get to sit back and relax for 2 to 3 hours during the middle of the day and do nothing but flip through the latest tabloid, travel, or cooking magazines while being pampered by Michelle at Classic Images is a rare treat that I always look forward to.  Today was no exception.  Color, highlights, shampoo, cut, blow dry, and styled to perfection.  Ah yes ladies some of you know that feeling.  I felt like a new woman!  I’ve been going to Michelle for the past few years and I never worry because  I know I’m in good hands.  She’s a great colorist and hair stylist and her easy going personality makes me feel at home whenever I go see her.

Michelle, like many folks I know, enjoys good wine, so while I was getting my hair cut she mentioned one she picked up at the Grocery Outlet the other day.  It was the French Maid, a Cabernet going for just $2.99 and she thought it was fantastic.  I was familiar with this wine because I just happened to have recently picked up that same bottle myself!  Well, she told me she liked it so much she went back to get more but it was gone. 🙁     I guess a lot of people liked it too or liked the price anyway.  Who wouldn’t for $2.99?  Well, I found myself with a little extra time this afternoon and popped into the Grocery Outlet to check again for myself, not really expecting to find it, but there it was tucked in the corner!  I was so excited.  I called Michelle to tell her the good news of my findings and I picked up 2 more bottles.

I have to say I agree with Michelle.  This is a great wine especially at this price.  I didn’t see many bottles left so I wouldn’t wait long if you want to try it.  Thank you Michelle for your wine recommendation and for the great hair day.  Cheers!

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