The Royal Wedding

Who on this planet has not been following, even if unintentionally, the buzz that has surrounded the Royal Wedding of Cate Middleton and Prince William? Even if you are annoyed by how outplayed this event has been, you have to admit, it is a rather spectacular and historical moment, even if you are just looking through the eyes of technology. I can’t tell you how many times I heard newscasters mention “tweeting”, ipad, Facebook, and other familiar terms that were nonexistent just 5 years ago. From the technology standpoint, the innovations that we have today, give you almost a better view of the wedding from your living room than if you were attending the wedding in person. I actually am one of those that just happens to LOVE watching this kind of thing. I watched Charles and Diana’s nuptials in 1981 as an 11 year old, and here I am again, wrapped up into the sweet and beautiful romantic story of these young royals. I can’t help but consider, however, what will Cate and Wills be toasting in their royal champagne goblets? Will it be Louis Roederer’s Cristal? Perrier Jouet? Dom Perignon (can’t help thinking of the movie Misery whenever I think of this one) ? Or perhaps something unique and new….How about a California Sparkling Wine? Although, the California sparkling wines have never held the clout that true Champagnes from Champagne, France do, I believe, since this couple is young and trying to modernize the monarchy, that this may be a more trendy choice. I’m not a big champagne person, but I do enjoy an occasional bubbly at the right moments. One of my favorites that I can practically drive down the street to get and will not cause my pocket book to run dry is Ruby Hill’s Champagne for …….$13.00!!!!! While being light and crisp, it captures the romance that would be perfect for a wedding toast. Here’s an idea, if you have the wedding recorded on your DVR, run down to Ruby Hill, purchase a bottle of golden, crisp, wonderful Champagne, dust off your old wedding goblets from your wedding and have yourself your own toast to the young couple! Any day can be a celebration with this sparkling wine! Tally-ho!

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