Sharing Livermore Wine With Friends

A couple weekends ago I was thrilled to reunite with 2 of my best friends from high school. We’ve stayed connected through the years, but it’s rare that we get to see each other on a regular basis.  Recently I was made aware of the fact that both of these friends enjoy good wine… […]

Does J-Lo reap wine’s beauty benefits?

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Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez on her recent coronation as People Magazine’s pick for World’s Most Beautiful Woman.  J-Lo’s been in the limelight for quite a while. How old is she? I remember her big break way back before the turn-of-the-century in Selena.  But, she has kept her youthful skin, just […]

Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! Rock Ridge Cellars Meritage is BACK!

It’s back!  That’s right, run over to the Livermore Grocery Outlet and get a bottle or a few cases.  This is one of the most consistent wines I’ve had at the Grocery Outlet.  What a great weekend to enjoy some….great weather, BBQ and Meritage.  Enjoy!  See original blogs below and get some while you can!


Bryersantís Joins the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Associations

Over the last two years, the Bryersantís family and I have made it our mission get to know the Livermore Valley winemakers and to promote the Livermore Valley wineries.  We have had a lot of success sharing with others, the great wines that the Livermore American Viticultural Area (AVA) has to offer.  Many more people […]

Love, Wine and Taxes

Some of you may know that Jenny, my wife and Bryersantis teammate, is an accountant.  She is knee deep in tax returns right now but still has found time for an evening break here and there with a glass of 2006 Livermore Valley Merlot from Tenuta Vineyards.  Today her focus was on the IRS documentation […]

Livermore is not a big city

Today I’m in San Francisco for work. I wish I could report it was for scouting at a wine competition or inviting reporters to the Bryersantis People’s Choice awards celebration. Nope. Today my focus is elsewhere and I’m deep in thought. So deep I forgot my beanie on the BART train. Of course it’s raining […]

Life in the Fast Lane

Spring has sprung.   With that, this past week I had the privilege of spending it with my three kids.  It seemed like life grinded to a halt, in a good way.  No homework help, no rushing kids back and forth to practice, games or school gigs.  I took the week off of work as […]

Eagle Ridge Vineyards

While continuing on my quest to visit all of the wineries in the Livermore Valley, I had the opportunity to visit one of our eastern most wineries, Eagle Ridge.  This winery is family owned and they limit their production so that they can give more attention to each varietal.  The drive up to the vineyard […]

Blending of Flavor at Tesla Vintners

Tesla Vintners is Livermore’s first community tasting room and it has given many of Livermore’s wineries a venue to share their wines.  I have been looking forward to having the opportunity to do some tasting at Tesla Vintners for some time now.  I missed my opportunity last year when the Bryersantís girls went out for […]

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