Argentinian Wine Experience

Summer has arrived at last!  What better way to kick it off than to take an exotic trip to Argentina!  Okay we didn’t really GO to Argentina because I came to the realization that it’s winter down there.  So, we did the next best thing…an Argentinian wine pairing party at our friend’s house!  Kevin and Ines, who enjoyed Livermore wine tasting with us last summer invited the Bryersantís family over to their place this time to taste wine with some family, which included their cousin, Valerita, who was visiting from Argentina.  What a treat we were in for!  Valerita loves to cook and entertain.  She impressed us with her cullenary skills making some of the most delicious appetizers including empanadas.  These tasty treats paired nicely with the Argentinian Malbec she brought with her.  Right now, Argentina is one top 5 largest exporters of wine in the world and Malbec is one of their most popular varitials.  Valerita choose 2 Malbecs and a blend for us to taste.  The first, from the largest winery in Argentina, was the 2009 SALENTEIN Valle De Uco Mendoza (a high end pricy wine).  The second was the 2008 Luigi Bosca De Sangre (another high end popular wine).  Finally we had the 2010 Alamos (a mid priced any time wine).  They were all wonderful and I think all of us agreed our favorite was the Luigi.  This one was really amazing!

Valerita also thought it would be fun to put them up against some comparable Napa wines. It was a lot of fun to taste the differences between the two.  I thought the Argentinian wines did really well and even beat out the Napa wines.

We of course brought a couple of Livermore’s finest bottles to share.  Let’s just say the Picazo Merlot and Rodrigue Mollenux Cabiovese are hard to beat 🙂  Sharing a common love of wine is always a really nice way to bring friends together and this was no exception. Argentina like Livermore definitely seems to be an up and coming place to find some really, really great wine!  Cheers to great friends and great wine from around the world!

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