Be A Part Of The Ruby Hill Facebook Guestbook

Fun things are happening at Ruby Hill Winery.  Ruby Hill’s own “Wine Goddess,” Sandra Kay, recently wrote a great article on the Patch about the Ruby Hill Facebook Guestbook.  She also has a great idea about turning your Livermore wine country brochure into a treasure map.  To check out her article, click on the following […]

Picazo A Hit At The First Street Wine Company

Last nights winemaker’s spotlight of Picazo Vineyards at the First Street Wine Company drew a large turnout, as expected.  Mike and Linda Allen, the owners of the First Street Wine Company, were wonderful hosts, which made it easy for Picazo’s winemaker Mark Clarin and owners Pam and Jose Picazo to share their story and their […]

Swirl *Happennings* This week and next.......

In their effort to promote Livermore and small lot wineries (that sounds familiar…..), Swirl on the Square will be hosting a tasting with Shadowbrook Winery this Thursday from 6-8 pm.  Having tried a few of their wines at Swirl, I can say with certainty that this is one evening of wine tasting that you will […]

Page Mill offer via Groupon

If you have ever received emails from Groupon, you have probably seen some great, fun local deals.  This morning, I received one for wine tasting at our very own Page Mill Winery!!  Check out the link and buy one before they run out!

Bryersantís Featured On The Livermore Patch


Bryersantís Wine Consortium: Livermore’s Own Wine Blog was just featured on the Livermore Patch’s Wine Wednesdays with Monique Soltani.


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