Happy Fourth of July!!!!

If you’re anything like me, the Fourth of July conjours up  all types of feelings and emotions.  Nostalgia is one, patriotism is another, and sentiment is a third…..The Fourth of July is a true birthday celebration of our great nation, it is a day that we celebrate the great freedoms and blessings that have been fought for and given to us.  It is a day that is a perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family.  What are you doing this Fourth to celebrate our nations birthday?  Since Livermore has decided not to commence with the traditional fireworks display this year, it may be more of a challenge to find something to do.  The Bryersantis family gathered on the Fourth of July eve to have a pre-celebration extravaganza and it was as all American as it could be!  Starting off in the late, very warm afternoon, a potluck of goodies was presented.  Everyone bringing a side dish to share, some meat to bbq, and some wine to toast and imbibe in.  Among several wines that were opened for the event, a couple of Livermore wines caught my attention.  We started the afternoon right with a 2008 Pinot Grigio from Charles R winerey.  Light and fruity, this wine was a perfect wine to pair with the delicious buffalo bleu cheese dip and pita chips that Rachel had brought to the table.  The evening proceeded with lots of laughs, a power outage, and a chance to serenade and sing with neighbors that were also gathering in their warm July backyards.  The fire pit was fired up and out came the s’more makings and the dessert wine.  What better than an El Sol Ultimo Vino Tinto to round off the evening.  This dessert wine had it all, just enough sweet, full fruit without being overly syrupy.  Perfect!  Good job on this wine Hal!  Not sure if it’s still in the tasting room, but if it is, it is a MUST!  What a night!  Now it’s off to a big family party for me.  Can’t wait to fire up the bbq once again tonight and celebrate this blessed holiday!  There will be more laughs, more memory making moments, and more reasons to say “God bless America, my home sweet home”!  Have a wonderful 4th…..

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