Bryersantis at Swirl this Thursday! Be there!

 Good evening!  In case you were not aware, Bryersantis has a flight of wine on the menu at Swirl on the Square for the month of July.  This is very exciting news!  The flight includes three unbeatable red blends; Nottingham Cellars Ralphi’s Blend, Rodrigue Molyneaux Le Mystere and Ruby Hill Elevato.  Bryersantis will be at Swirl this coming Thursday (7/14/11) from 6 – 8pm to pour our featured flight and we would love to see our loyal fans there with us!  We, at Bryersantis, picked these wines because we think highly of the wine makers and what they produce.  Thank you Rocco at Swirl for giving Bryersantis this exciting opportunity to promote some great wineries right here in the Livermore Valley.  We hope that you will consider coming to Swirl this Thursday any time between 6 and 8 pm to taste our flight and to say hello!  Cheers!

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