The 4th Annual Vintage Tasting at Cuda Ridge Winery!

Larry and Margie Dino

Cuda Ridge Vintage Tasting 2011

Fantastic BBQ, great music, cool cars, and excellent wines… yup… that pretty much sums up this weekend’s 4th Annual Vintage Tasting that took place at Cuda Ridge Winery this last Saturday and Sunday. The warm sun and cool breezes, along with the vocal talents of Roger Kardinal, provided the perfect setting for members and non members alike to come out and enjoy all that Cuda has to offer, which, for this event, included their 2010 Sauvignon Blanc; 2009 Merlot; 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon; 2009 Black Label, Small Lot Cabernet Sauvignon; and the 2009 Petit Verdot. To accompany these wines, Scotty’s BBQ provided an array of excellent sandwiches that sustained patrons throughout the afternoon.

Being a person who primarily enjoys red wines, particularly Cuda’s Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon, I am naturally inclined to write about a red. However, I was surprisingly inspired to write about a white wine that I really enjoyed – the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. What really captivated me was the jalapeno pepper finish of this wine, which I found very interesting. It is very smooth and doesn’t have the dryness of say… a Chardonnay, which also led to my enjoyment.

Roger Kardinal & company singing "American Pie."

As I listened to Roger, Larry, Margie, and other guests and volunteers  join in on a friendly rendition of “American Pie” (in which it was decided the lyrics should be changed from “whiskey and rye” to “Cuda Ridge wines”) I could easily imagine sitting outside with a group of friends on a summer evening enjoying this wine with a roasted garlic and Fromager d’ affinois crostini or with a citrus and garlic rubbed pork tenderloin… which, I intend to do!

The Vintage Tasting was a lot of fun for all  involved. Though this particular event has passed, I recommend that you too find your way soon to Cuda Ridge to enjoy the 2010 Savignon Blanc or another of their more renowned red wines, and mark your calendars for this time next year so that you may attend the 5th Annual Vintage Tasting!

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