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Summer is definitely in the air, although I know for some of us, it was questionable at first.  We are now in the throws of summertime where warmer nights lead to toasty days and those toasty days lead to summer time frolicking.  One of the many advantages of living in Livermore, CA is that on any given day in Livermore (in the summertime especially), there is usually a host of fun activities that you can engage in.  Whether it be Wente’s free Summer Cinema, a special winery event such as the past Taste of Terroir, or a romp through our wonderful Farmer’s Market, you can be sure that there is fun to be had, food to be sampled, and on each third Thursday of the month at Thirsty Thursdays at the Farmers Market, wine to be tasted.  It was at this very spot that my family and I found ourselves this past Thursday.  The market was buzzing, children running through the grass, moms pushing strollers, picnickers sprawled out on blankets enjoying the live music.  The fruit and veggies were at their prime: heirloom tomatoes- in hues of orange, red and yellow; white nectarines-succulent, sweet and juicy; strawberries-bold, deep red, luscious!  Occassio, Bent Creek, and Crooked Vine Wineries had wine offerings on this evening.  Ten dollars purchases a wine glass that can be used throughout the season for all Thirsty Thursdays and five dollars buys you 5 tastings of Livermore wine.   We hit Stony Ridge first and were delighted with their crisp, citrus, with a hint of vanilla – sparkling wine.  Refreshing and light, perfect for a stroll around the market.  Stony Ridge also had a Rose that was available for tasting.  Next on the list was Occasio, their 2009 Pinot Gris was spectacular, crisp and bright, perfect on a hot summer day.  Lastly, we tasted the Crooked Vine 07 Petite Sirah, which for me, was the winner of the evening!  Always a sucker for a Petite Sirah, this one had me wishing for more.  Fruit forward, with afternotes of butter cream and vanilla, this is surely one that gets my stamp of approval.  In fact, with the 2 tasting tokens I had left, I went ahead and had just a little more of this delectable wine.  Not every Thursday is Thirsty Thursday, but Crooked Vine IS open daily!   I think I may find myself over there sampling some more of their fabulous offerings, maybe I’ll see you there!

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