Scrabble and Ruby Hill 2009 Cielio Viola

It’s Sunday night and I’m watching my wife and Jenny play Scrabble. I’m watching because I don’t play games. Instead I opened a bottle of Livermore’s own Ruby Hill 2009 Cielo Viola. I don’t need Scrabble! I’ll just sit here and enjoy this awesome wine! Have you tried it? If not, run over to Ruby […]

Hop Skotch: Bryersantís Approved

Livermore Grocery Outlet

Hop Skotch 

California Red Wine

Your Price $4.99




Long Lake Cooler

Five cubes from the auto ice maker. Four ounces of fruity wine. Three ounces lemon-line soda. Two minutes of prep-time. One refreshing wine cooler.

The Grocery Outlet is selling a perfect wine for this concoction. It’s a Sweet Red Table Wine from Napa’s Long Lake Vineyards. There’s a heavy dose of blackberries, raspberries and […]

EOS Zinfandel Port: Bryersantís Approved

 Livermore Grocery Outlet

2006 EOS Estate Bottled

Paso Robles Zinfandel Port

Your price $7.99


Satyrs' Pond: Bryersantís Approved

Livermore Grocery Outlet

2008 Satyrs’ Pond Winery

California Red Wine

Your Price $4.99

This wine comes from Livermore’s own Nottingham Cellars!!!

Wood Family Vineyards 8th Annual Release Party A Big Hit

 A couple of weeks ago Rachel and I had the opportunity to take our family to Mexico for a week of relaxation and fun in the sun.  On this trip we decided to splurge on the all inclusive plan, which really paid off.  We thoroughly enjoyed the margaritas and all of the other umbrella drinks […]

The end of an era…the beginning of a new one…

Whenever I get to go out with my husband, alone, just the two of us, sans kids, it always is a wonderful time.  We love our kids, but every couple needs the chance to steal away by themselves once in a while.  It was on one of these rare occasions that Carl and I found […]

A "Star" at Livermore Grocery Outlet

Tonight we tried the Estrella Proprietor’s Reserve Red. It’s a simple California red table wine from Livermore Grocery Outlet. The color is is the first memorable aspect. It’s a cross between ruby and purple, only a bit transparent. I’ll warn you it’s a bit sweeter than I’ve been drinking lately but it will do well […]

Cuda Ridge Keeps Scoring High

Cuda Ridge is a favorite winery of mine.  The owner and winemaker, Larry Dino, continues to produce great tasting wines that truly show the best of what the Livermore Valley has to offer.

Not to long ago the 2008 Cabernet Franc and 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon won gold medals at the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine […]

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