The end of an era…the beginning of a new one…

Whenever I get to go out with my husband, alone, just the two of us, sans kids, it always is a wonderful time.  We love our kids, but every couple needs the chance to steal away by themselves once in a while.  It was on one of these rare occasions that Carl and I found ourselves about three years ago.  About three years ago, Carl and I and the Bryersantis gang were just realizing the treasure trove of wineries that we had at our disposal.  We actually had barely broken the outer layer of what we would one day realize would become a passion.  On this day, we were doing what we now try to promote others doing, sipping on some beautiful Livermore wine at a local winery.  As we sipped on our wines, a couple came in and began chatting with us.  They had just been to a “darling, little winery that served this absolutely AMAZING wine called Midnight Rose”. The woman could not get enough of it.  She went on and on and on about it.  So much so that after our tastings, Carl and I could do nothing other than drive a small distance and try this wine.  The winery was in an unusual spot, not very far from our house.  The location was in an industrial area and I had never noticed the colorful balloons and signage that were displayed on the northern part of highway 84.  We walked in and were shocked at what we saw inside.  A gorgeous tasting room that felt like a small oasis, beautiful, quaint, and homey.  It was more than the walls that made us feel this way.  Presston, the champagne colored, dog greeted us with wagging tail.  Debra Long greeted us next, with a warm welcome and a smile that made us feel that we would become fast friends.  The wines were, phenomenal…..I will be honest, I don’t know exactly what wines were on the list that day, but the Midnight Rose was of course one of them.  The unusual part was that ALL of the wines were beautiful…..I THINK that there was a Barbera on the list, but even if it wasn’t on the list that day, it is my very FAVORITE wine that the Longs make.  We were invited back into the winery , and were greeted by a very friendly and very busy winemaker, Phil Long.  Even though he was busy, he took the time to meet us and to show us around. It felt like he had time on his hands to chat and talk about his passion for wine and the Livermore Valley, even though I know he probably had a thousand things to do.  Carl and I were hooked.  Not only did this place, Longevity, make fabulous wines, but the owners were kindred spirits!  Since the winery was basically, right around the corner, we began coming by and tasting on a frequent basis.  Debra and Phil always remembered us and greeted us like dear friends.  And that, is just what we became, dear friends.  We have spent time with them at their celebrations, like the Harvest Wine Festivals, their Ocho de Mayo, and their Christmas in the Vineyards.  We have laughed together, sipped wine together, and even said many prayers for each other, as lifes problems have reared their ugly heads.  These two, have become precious friends to us.  It is with a celebratory note that I write this blog.  After several years of making the fabulous wine in a small, cramped, but wonderful little winery, our friends, Phil and Debra Long have MOVED!!!!  We had the pleasure of helping with a small part of the Longs move to a much larger location.  Here, Phil will have the room to make wines that he is an expert at doing.  Debra will have the opportunity to spread out her beautiful tasting room and make it even more spectacular and homey than before.  And we, we wine tasters, will have the ability to invite even MORE of our friends out and pack this place to it’s max!  I will miss having my friends so close to my house, but I will relish the times even more, and will frequent just as often, this cute little home away from home, Longevity.  If you haven’t already been to Longevity, you must go….the new tasting room will be open and ready for business, possibly as early as next weekend.  They are located on the South side of Vasco Road, about a 1/2 of a block south of East Avenue.  You better believe, I will be there toasting the new adventures of Longevity Wines.  Congratulations Phil and Debra and thank you for what you do….

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