Scrabble and Ruby Hill 2009 Cielio Viola

It’s Sunday night and I’m watching my wife and Jenny play Scrabble. I’m watching because I don’t play games. Instead I opened a bottle of Livermore’s own Ruby Hill 2009 Cielo Viola. I don’t need Scrabble! I’ll just sit here and enjoy this awesome wine! Have you tried it? If not, run over to Ruby Hill and pick up a bottle. Here’s what to expect….deep dark red in color, rich and full bodied, blackberry jam, violets and cocoa. Simply put, rich and delicious. It’s a blend of 69% Zinfandel and 31% Petite Sirah…..along with a perfect nose. Jenny said she could smell the wine as soon as I uncorked it. A truly great wine to try. Again, try a bottle and let me know what you think. Cheers to the week ahead.


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