The life and times of… Carl H. Wente


Livermore, California is a small area that is just beginning to find it’s way onto the map as a respected wealth of great vineyards, wineries, and wine makers.  Although many have still not heard about this region, surprisingly, wine has been made here as far back and even further than the 1880’s.  If […]

Charles Wetmore: Father of the California Wine Industry

Over the last forty years, California has become known for making premium wine that can compete with the best wines in the world.  The current popularity of California wines can be traced back to the success of the California wineries in the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976.  From that competition,  the Napa Valley wine region […]


If you are a fan of the Il Segreto from Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery, hurry in and get some before it is gone.  They have just over a case left!  It is on sale for a little over $16.  They are open today (Saturday), but will be closed Sunday and Monday as they are pouring at […]

Underdog Wine Bar

To kick off the second Research Friday of the 2011/2012 school year, some of us stopped in at the Underdog Wine Bar for a flight of Chardonnay, flat bread, sliders and caprese salad. If you have not been to Underdog, this is a destination that all Livermore wine lovers need to check out. Not only do they serve wines from […]

En Garde!

En Garde is the newest member of the Livermore Valley wine family.  About 6 weeks ago, Csaba Szakal opened his tasting room at Tenuta Vineyards. Csaba is a third generation wine maker from Hungary.  He brings a lot of experience, expertise and great wines to our community.  Currently on the tasting menu are the following:


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