Taking The Love Of Wine To The Next Level

Bryersantís exists because we love wine and we love the Livermore Valley.  Over the last two years, we have had the opportunity to taste some great wine and more importantly, we have gotten the chance to know some of the amazing, hard working people who are working to put the Livermore Valley wine country back on the map.  While it is fantastic to be able to taste wine at over 50 wineries that are practically in my own backyard, I have had been building up a desire to try making wine myself.  Last year we made our first attempt at going through the wine making process and quickly learned that there is a lot more to wine making than doing the Lucy grape stomp.  That first attempt was a miserable failure, but it was a memorable, fun experience that we will never forget.

This year, I decided it might be good to learn a little bit more about the wine making process.  I saw that our local community college, Las Positas, was offering an Enology class for the Fall semester and I decided to jump in.  I was even more excited about the class after talking my fellow friend and blogger, Carl, into taking the class with me.

The class has been fun.  I was glad to see that John Kinney and Chris Sorensen from one of our great local wineries, Occasio, had been selected as the instructors for the class.  So far was have learned a lot about the chemistry and process behind making wine.  Chemistry was never my strong point, but the sensory analysis training at the end of each class has really helped to keep me on track.  If I learn nothing else from this class, I will definitely take with me the number one rule in winemaking: It takes good grapes to make good wine and even good grapes can make bad wine when in the hands of a bad winemaker.  Looking back on my wine making experience from last year, I believe I can safely say that bad grapes and a bad winemaker make terrible wine

Last Monday we completed our 8th class and it looks like next week might be the week our grapes are harvested.  This means it is time to make some wine and I am excited to get it started.  I am hoping to have pictures and many more stories to tell as Carl and I go through the wine making process.

Stay tuned.  

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