Longevity Harvest 2011

Fall 2011 is here and the Livermore harvest is in full swing.  Over the last couple of weeks Phil and Debra Long, the owner’s of Longevity Winery, have been working hard to take the tons of grapes that have been filtering in from the vineyards and do what they do best; Make fabulous wine.  I had the opportunity to get my feet wet (and the rest of my body too) during last years harvest at Longevity.  I guess I didn’t do too bad of a job because they asked me to come back to help this year.  I haven’t been able to be there for all of the harvest action, but I have had several opportunities to help.  It has been a blast getting to be a part of the winemaking process.

Here are a couple of pictures from the experience.

Longevity Harvest 2011

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